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  • the knot cool is a knot bag handmade from dead stock. reversible. designed, sourced and sewn locally in berlin. we are the dead stock squad, saving leftover fabrics to turn them into beautiful and unique handbags.


    every knot bad bag is a limited edition and will only be produced until the dead stock fabric is used up. read all about it in the info section. follow @theknotbad 

    knot cool | hand bag made from dead stock

    €35.00 Regular Price
    €30.00Sale Price
    VAT Included |

      introducing the #deadstock squad - here‘s some footage from november of marina and kaddie on a hunt for beautiful fabrics to deliver to our production partners in kreuzberg who then sew them into our @theknotbad bags - so you can carry your values like pinky swears. why that‘s cool, you ask?

      the fashion industry is one of the biggest drivers of pollution in the world, it’s common knowledge that we are facing an increasing textile waste problem. short-sighted production plans and evolving creative requirements of fashion houses result in accumulation of deadstock – the excess and leftover fabrics that pile up every year and aren’t part of a plan for immediate or future use. when left unused over extended periods of time, the leftover fabric ultimately has its final destination marked as a landfill.

      we have decided to bring this dead stock back to life, repurpose it and give it the love it deserves to become a beautiful object. we purchase rolls of pre-existing fabric that we find in local factories and markets. because we use deadstock and leftover fabrics, we rarely find large quantities of any one fabric. Small rolls mean small production runs, so every new batch of the bags we produce is limited and unique. that means each bag will only (most likely) only be available for a short time.

      knot that bad, right?

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