the feel goods is a hybrid of a co-creative design studio and a consciously curated online shop.

for people and products in good company*.

we are a collective of creatives that invent and co-create products to sell via our online shop. we tap into today's currents to invent, design and produce products with purpose. at the intersection of culture and consumption. we share the stories, break taboos and build campaigns like movements. 

WFH is our stunning, spacious co-creation loft and a home for good company. a place to ideate and create. we offer various packages for creatives to book it for their own ideas: content creation, live streams, meetings. you can also apply to become a resident creative - get in touch!

we are not scaling, growing and start upping - we are taking things at a progressive pace. that means slowly.

the feel goods started in 2020 with three former goalgirls: kaddie rothe (co-founder of goalgirls), tina ateljevic (community directress of goalgirls) and marina kirillova (member of the co-rebelles). all despite (and maybe even because of ) the challenges our nervous planet is facing. it all began with the aura company and a successful crowdfunding

that left them wanting more from the future of online shopping. the feel goods is a company that works at the intersection of product innovation, design and marketing. it is a carefully curated boutique that is in constant flux to create

and respond to the feels of a generation of rebels and changemakers - find out more


what's next?


we haven't written the whole story of our company yet - we're just starting the first chapter. if you're interested to find out more (because you'd like to collaborate or write about us) - just get in touch. here's a list of links from our feel goods and goalgirls universe that you can browse: